Our clients

Who uses residential stock photos?

Our clients include magazines & newspapers, web designers, ad agencies, home builders, real estate professionals, manufacturers of home goods, home decorators, illustrators and many-many more.


What do they use them for?

Web sites, magazine illustrations/features, corporate reports, ideas to show clients, as backgrounds for product illustrations and broshures.



Many reasons, but primarily - economics!

A stock photo, licenses for a mere fraction, of what it would cost you to hire a photographer to go and photograph it for you. There are times when licensing a suitable stock image makes a lot more sense, and, it saves a ton of money and time!  

We've got thousands and thousands of top-quality photographs of high-end residential architecture, and interior design. Chances are good, that you'll find something great for your illustrative needs.


The images are sorted by categories, such as "Kitchens", "Bedrooms", "Outdoor Livingspaces".

Just click on the "Galleries" button on top, then select by category. Or, for a quick-search, input any keyword (like; pool) in the search-box in the top-right corner.

For more specific searches click on the "Search" button on the navigation bar. It will allow you to do very detailed searches including format orientation, dates, key phrases, and more.


If we can be of further help, just click on "contact us". 

Stock photos of residential interiors and architecture